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November 3, 2020

Posted Date: 11/03/2020



Superintendent Update


Last night was our regular monthly board meeting.  The next meeting will be a special meeting on November 17 at 6:30 in the High School Library.  The topic will be the Superintendent search.


The following is a summary of this meeting. The meeting started at 6:00 and went until 9:07.  The final part of the meeting was an executive session with the topic of Superintendent search.


                 I.            Call to Order

              II.            Visitors

                           a.       Middle School awards

           III.            Consensual Items of minutes and financial report were approved


           IV.            Educational Items

                           a.       Update on E.V.A. was presented by Mr. Pipkins.  The number of students still enrolled was covered with a discussion on the number of students being successful.  Students who are not being successful are being removed from the program and asked to return to school. 

             V.            Business Items

                           a.    Expenses > $10,000 were approved as follows:

Bank of the Ozarks, Bond Payment, $159,096.88; Van Horn Construction, $207,876.19

                           b.   Student Transfers were approved as follows:

From Conway: Jamari Searcy grade 11, Jamarcus McClure grade 9, Dahlia Hedges grade 9, Rhaniyah Macon grade K.

                           c.    Activity Account Signatures changes were approved as follows:

Bank needs board minutes stating the following:

 ·         Remove Jennifer Lee as a signer on the Middle School Activity Bank Account 70-225-0

·         Add Leah Campbell as a signer on the Middle School Activity Bank Account 70-225-0

                           d.   Staff Bonus for December

A bonus was approved as follows:


We have some unbudgeted money (declining enrolment funds) we can use to give a gross $500 bonus.  We have 154 contracted staff, total cost with benefits paid is $611.00 per employee.  Total cost of proposed bonus is $94,094.00. 


This motion was moved and carried:

In December, pay all contracted staff a one-time bonus of $500.00 gross wages (before taxes and teacher retirement).

                           e.    SRO

A discussion on increased pay for an SRO was discussed in the form of a bonus.  This item was tabled.

           VI.            Employment

               Resignation was approved as follows:

                           Tammy Henson – MS Para Pro

               Employment was approved as follows: 

               1.      Monica Cole – Special Education Teacher for elementary (classroom                                          teacher). 

               2.      Rae Newlin – MS Para Pro

               3.      Vanessa Bryant – Bus Driver

        VII.            Principal Updates were presented and covered several topics for each building.

     VIII.            Adjournment at 9:07 after the executive session.




John Gray


Mayflower School District