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July 7, 2020

Posted Date: 07/07/2020


Superintendent Update

Last night was the regular school board meeting.  It lasted for about 3.5 hours.  The following is a summary of the meeting.

  1. Call to Order
  2. Visitors
    1. Bond Refunding

The Board decided to try and refinance two bond issues in an effort to lower the interest rate. If this is successful, it may reduce the cost of these loans by over $100,000.

  1. Consensual Items of minutes and financial report were approved
  2. Educational Items

        The school district was awarded by the State a k-12 grant to assist with literacy education.  The details of the great were presented by Mr. Pipkins.

  1. Business Items
    1. Expenses > $10,000

Van Horn pay application number 5 for $537,700.96, and the Architect May invoice for $7,713.85 were approved.

  1. Student Transfers

In from Conway:

        Emily Brooke Littleton 4th grade

        Kristoffer Emerson 1st grade

        Morah Emerson Kindergarten                       

  1. Food Service Bids

The recommendations of Sysco for Food and Harris Baking for bread were approved by the Board.

  1. Athletic Facilities Update

All continues to progress well.  The bathroom block is being finished up.  The work on the track has started.  The metal frame is up for the field house and indoor practice facility.  The gate entrance way has been redesigned and installation has begun.  The home bleachers are being constructed and are nearly completed.  The plan is to build a discus field on the community baseball field and construct shot put on the north east side of the football field similar to where it was.

  1. Athletic Handbook

No changes were made and just needs to be updated with current coach names.

  1. Graduation Plans

The High School graduation ceremony will be held at the Conway Expo Center on July 14.  Mr. Malone’s Company was approved to do the audio (sound system) and stage.  The cost is about $1,800.   

  1. Policy Updates
    1. COVID-19 Resolution

A proposed resolution as suggested by ASBA was approved.  It is to allow the School Districts to make accommodations to our current policies due to dealing with COVID-19.


  1. Student Handbook Updates

ASBA has made more recommendations to updating our student handbook.  These updates were approved.   

  1. Policy Updates

ASBA made more recommendations to update our school policies.  The Board approved these subject to PPC review.

  1. Annual Discipline Report

Each school presented their annual discipline report that covers the incidents of bullying.

  1. COVID-19
    1. Resolution/Waiver 

We have State Board approval on these waivers.   These waivers will allow us to make accommodations to better handle COVID-19. These waivers were approved.

  1. Proposed plan and committee follow up

The Board was presented the draft return to school plan.  This was approved.  The Board also approved to go one-on-one computers for students. This is to help with blended learning when a school needs to close for a short period.

  1. Employment
    1. Employment/Resignations

Resignations approved

  1. Amber Bartolotta – MS Counselor
  2. Elizabeth Elms – HS FACS
  3. Marilyn Blalock – Elem. Receptionist

Employment approved

Ashley Roberts – HS FACS teacher (classroom teacher)

  1. Bus Driver Contracts/Hourly/Policy

This item was discussed and tabled.

  1. Superintendent Update

            We had several items to discuss, they were as follows:

            Purchase computers for Eagle Virtual Academy

            Phone bill audit being considered

            Raise in athletic event entrance fee to $5/$4

            Sixth grade position to be filled

            Temporary HS nurse to be found to cover HS due to pandemic

            IM Math training July 13/14 – invited Board members

            MS Special Ed (1/2 time) position is open for applications

  1. Principal Updates      
  2. Adjournment

Have a great day.

John Gray