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April 22,20

Posted Date: 04/22/2020



Last night the regular April board meeting was conducted by the school board.  It was held in the HS Cafetorium so we could do the best we could with social distancing.  A summary of the meeting went as follows. 


  1. Call to Order
  2. Consensual Items of the minutes and financial report were approved
  3. Educational Items was presented by John Pipkins about our delivery of educational packets.  This conversation brought up several discussion points dealing with the management of education due to COVID-19.
  4. Business Items
    1. Expenses > $10,000 were approved as follows.

Van Horn Construction for athletic facilities, $515,565.08; ASBA Workers Comp, $26,511.00.

  1. Photography Bids

We received bids from Bowden and Lifetouch.Lifetouch was selected as the winning bidder for school photos for next year.

  1. Special Education and Related Services for 2020-2021 document was approved by the Board.
  2. Athletic Facilities Update
    1. Change orders with savings of $50,573.00 was approved by the Board
    2. The Board had to consider turf field color choice for Mayflower gold.  The closest was canary yellow and this was selected.
    3. The latest invoicing information about the architect invoicing was received today.
  3. HS Graduation options were discussed and Mr. Slough and Mr. Gray are to work up possible dates for a traditional graduation. 
  4. Staffing for next year

Each principal presented information relating to anticipated staff/student numbers for next year.MS are asking for an extra teacher and have a vacancy to fill.Elementary has a vacancy to fill due to a resignation.HS and Elem. are wanting to stay with what they have subject to next year’s enrolments.

  1. Employment
    1. Employment/Resignations

Resignation was approved for Destiny Bair from Elementary

Employment was approved for Jeff Hill as Head Softball Coach.Mathew Stelting was employed as HS History teacher and Coach..

  1. Superintendent Update

Topics covered were:

Essential Spending Only due to uncertain economic climate

Talk about our COVID-19 actions until May 22.

Possible Stimulus funding of $123,556.28 from the Federal Gov.

Staff utilization during the shut down

  1. Principal Updates

Each principal presented a short summary of their latest educational activities

  1. Adjournment

The meeting lasted a little over three hours.The next meeting date has not been set at this time. This will be on an as needed basis.


Have a great day,


John Gray