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February 4, 2020

Posted Date: 02/04/2020



Superintendent Update


The following is a summary of last night’s regular monthly board meeting.


  1. Call to Order
  2. Awards – Elementary school’s awards were given to students for improvement in reading and math.  Recognition was also given to Nurse Fortner and Flo Stephens.
  3. Consensual Items of minutes and financial report were approved.
  4. Educational Items – Presentation by Dr. Dionne Jackson re AR Kids Read Program for the elementary school.
  5. Business Items
    1. Expenses > $10,000

Approved expenses were PCMI – Willsub, $28,443.16; Merchant and Planter Bank of Newport for bond payment, $87,971.88.

  1. Athletic Facilities Planning

The Board decided to give Van Horn Construction the go ahead on the complete athletic facilities construction project.Construction vehicles should start rolling in next week.Phase One of the project is to have the turf, track, fencing, bleachers and bathrooms complete by August 8.That way we will be ready for next season’s games.

  1. Priority List update was provided.   Discussion covered many topics including security cameras for middle school, planning for the agricultural program animal building, sport field LED lights and HVAC for the HS Gym.  Money was allocated to each campus for technology needs. 
  2. School Calendar

Proposed calendar was approved subject to licensed PPC approval.

  1. Employment
    1. Employment/Resignations

Cindy Fowler was employed as a part time Migrant Aide for the District.

  1. Superintendent Update

        The Superintendent Goals were approved.

The Board approved the joining the Arch Ford Nutrition program.

Discussion was held re helping the city with parking for the new community center.




Have a great day,


John Gray