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July 3, 2019

Posted Date: 07/03/2019



Superintendent Update


The following information is a summary of Monday evenings Board meeting.


  1. Call to Order
  2. Consensual Items

            These were approved with the addition of approving the transfer of $444,847.88 from Operating Fund to Building Fund.

  1. Business Items
    1. Expenses > $10,000

None at this time.

  1. Student Transfers

Three students from Pulaski County were approved.

  1. Athletic Facilities Planning

The updated floor plan for the field house was reviewed.Coach Emerson looked over it yesterday and liked the current plan.The architect was notified to continue working on the details of this plan.The issues with fixing the middle school driveway on the south side of the building was also discussed.The refurbishing of the home football bleachers has started.

  1. Priority List update

This was a good opportunity to discuss what we have achieved and where we are headed. The working list is as follows:

  1. Elem. Gym Floor
  2. HS gym HVAC
  3. MS playground fence
  4. Softball press box
  5. Campus allocations of $10,000 each
  6. HS bathroom dividers
  7. Extra cameras for each campus
  8. Renovate HS gym locker rooms
  9. Land for new main entrance

The Principals each presented a list of items they need for next year.

A discussion was also held on the options to replace the agriculture truck.

  1. Food Service Bids

The recommendations were approved are as follows:

Milk – Hiland Dairy

Bread – Harris Bread

Food Bid - Sysco

  1. Choir Trip Bid

The recommendation of Bob Rogers Travel was approved.

  1. PT, OT, Speech RFQ

The recommended H&H Therapy Services was approved.

  1. Bus Purchase Update

A discussion was held on our bus situation.It was moved to purchase a 14 passenger bus from Masters for $49,999.This will be a yellow school bus that does not require a CDL to drive it.This will be a useful addition to the current white bus that will now only be allowed to transport nine passengers. This change is due to the new legislation that requires buses over 10 passengers to be a yellow school bus.

  1. Policy Updates

The Board approved a list of policy updates that were made available from ASBA.These changes were mainly due to the recent Legislative session.There are more classified and licensed updates to do. 

  1. Employment
    1. Employment/Resignations

A resignation from Mrs. Phillips (7th grade English) was approved subject to finding a suitable replacement.

  1. Superintendent Evaluation

The assistant principal position for the MS has been called vacant.It is advertised and this will be the first applications that will use our new employment software.

  1. Adjournment


The meeting took about two hours.If you would like more information on any item please let me know.




John Gray