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December 12, 2018

Posted Date: 12/04/2018



Superintendent Update


Last night was the regular monthly board meeting.  The following is a summary of the meeting.


                 I.            Call to Order

              II.            Visitors

a.       Student Awards

HS Choir and Agriculture awards were presented.

           III.            Consensual Items of minutes and financial report were approved.

           IV.            Business Items

a.    Expenses > $10,000 were approved as follows:

Merchant and Planters Bank for bond repayment, $22,186.25; Mayflower Banking Center for loan, $10,119.66.

b.   Student Transfers

None at this time.

c.    Architect Contract

This was tabled until the next meeting.  Still waiting on an updated contract from the architect.

d.   Staff Banquet

Last minute planning was carried out.

e.    Board Election Date

It was decided to have the next board election in May.

f.     Minimum Wage Increases

There is only one employee in the district that would not receive the minimum wage increase voted in during the last election. They work in food service.   To ensure that person receives the increase a new food service salary schedule was presented to the Board.  The Board approved this new salary schedule. This will take effect for January 1, to ensure compliance.

g.   Leave Policy Update

We have conflicting vacation leave policies in our classified personnel policy.  The Board approved a policy to be presented to the PPC for feedback during the next regular Board meeting.

             V.            Employment

a.       Employment/Resignations

None at this time.

b.      Superintendent Evaluation

The Board went into executive session to consider the superintendent evaluation.

           VI.            Adjournment                                                                                                  

The meeting lasted about two hours.


Have a great day,


John Gray