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July 20, 2018

Posted Date: 08/05/2018

The following is a summary of the July Regular Board Meeting.

  1. Call to Order at 6:00 p.m.
  2. Consensual Items of minutes and financial report were approved.
  3. Business Items
    1. The following expenses over $5,000 were approved - Progressive Therapy for OT and PT Services, $6,876.00; Cousins Office Furniture for furniture, $6,338.28; IT Savvy for technology, $7,281.00; AR Dept. of Ed. For Medicaid Match, $14,200.09; SHI for technology, $7,589.91; PCMI-Willsub for substitutes, $11,489.02 and $7,376.60; Dycus Flooring for carpeting, $15,127.20; Merchants and Planters Bank of Newport for bond payment, $267,977.18; ASBA Workers Comp Trust for Worker’s Comp., $26,577.00; ASBA Risk Management Program for insurance, $52,110.64.
    2. Student Transfers from Conway were approved for Stella Jones age 4, Arian King age 14 and Savon Shelton age 14.
    3. HS/MS Access Roads were discussed.  The Superintendent was asked to present two options to the County Judge for his input.
    4. Bids - Trash Service bid from Waste Management was approved.   The repair and refinishing of the HS Gym Floor bid was awarded to Thorn Flooring.
    5. Purchase Card Policy as presented was approved.
    6. Policy updates as presented were approved.
    7. E Rate Grant was approved by the Board.  It allows for a $79,828.37 upgrade to the District computer network at a cost of $15,828.37 to the District.
    8. Inventory Deletions as presented were approved.
    9. A funds transfer of $394,938.20 from the Operating Fund to Building Fund was approved.  
  4. Employment
    1. Resignations as listed were approved.

Kayla Brown – Pre School Teacher

Jessica Hancock – declined MS teaching position

Blake Tinsley – HS math teacher

                  Employment as listed were approved.

Band Director – Justin Berg as classroom teacher

Assistant Football – Tyler Shaw as classroom teacher

Pre-School Teacher – Tiffany Gregory as classroom teacher

MS Math – Kristen Farris as classroom teacher

MS LA – Laura (Holly) Phillips as classroom teacher

Food Service – Betty Bailey for food service

                  Termination recommendation of Jessica Kaplan was approved.

  1. Superintendent Evaluation was covered. 
  1. Adjournment        


The meeting lasted about one hour.If you need further information, please let me know.




John Gray