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April 4, 2018

Posted Date: 04/04/2018



Superintendent Update


Last Monday the regular monthly Board meeting was held.  This meeting lasted about an hour.  The following is a summary of the meeting.


  1. Call to Order at 6:00 pm
  2. Consensual Items of Minutes of last Meeting and Financial Report were approved.
  3. Business Items
    1. Expenses > $5,000

There were no expenses over $5,000 this month.

  1. Student Transfers

We had two from Conway to Mayflower: - Nolan Flewellen age 14 and Noah Flewellen age 15.

  1. Road Naming

We have two roads that do not have names.To make it easier for emergency services to find our precise location on our facilities the following names were assigned to some of our roads.

  1.  The road in front of the middle school will be changed from Eagle Drive to Mayflower Eagle Drive.   This will save confusion with other Eagle Streets etc in the County.
  2. The road behind the Middle School and High School Gym is to be names Talon Drive.
  3. The road to the football field will be named Patrick Stadium Drive.
  4. Student Security/Safety Follow Up

The following was decided to be purchased and installed most probably during the summer.

  1.  Middle School needed more security on the access at the new gym door entrance. It was approved to install a computer controlled, card access door with a video camera and button to allow access when the door is locked during class time. Price was $6061.12 plus tax.
  2. High School wanted more security on entry doors to the building.  It was decided to add five doors made secure with a computer controlled card access system.  One would be on the inside door at the office, the history wing, center door, art room door and into the business building.  A video access button is planned for the doors of the art room and the business lab.  This will help with access when the doors are locked. Price was $24,805.03. 
  3. Elementary is planning on a professionally installing a video monitoring system.  We are talking with a local company for this job.




  1. ERate Grant Application Update

A discussion was held on the plans for upgrading our computer network in our buildings so it will make it faster, more reliable and suitable for a VOIP phone system.The cost of this high quality equipment is expensive.To get this done, Luke White and Mr. Pipkins are working on a ERate grant to achieve this goal.

  1. Bus Route Change Update

Doug Jonse gave an update to the Board about the implementation of the recent bus route changes.

  1. Annual Audit Report

The District received a good audit this year.There was one finding, the standard finding we get every year on internal control.Not much we can do about that without adding extra staff to handle money.There was also one supplementary finding which is an area to watch for in the future.The issue was an income check from FEMA was entered in this school year instead of the last school year.The Board moved to show they had reviewed the audit.

  1. Employment

a. Employment/Resignations

A resignation approved by the Board was: -

  1. Amanda Gaza – MS teacher

Employment approved by the Board were: -

  1. Krystle Harris – Paraprofessional for PreSchool
  2. Adrian Michelle Stafford – classroom teacher (grade one)
  3. Destiny Bair – classroom teacher (grade one)
  4. Shaumbry Patterson – classroom teacher (grade 3)
  5. Courtney McSpadden –  classroom teacher (HS SPecial Ed.)
  6. Austin Emerson – classroom teacher and coach  (Head Football Coach)


b. Superintendent Evaluation

After short discussion on a few items the meeting closed at 6:56 p.m.




Have a great day.If you would like further information, please let me know.



John Gray


Mayflower School District