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March 12, 2018

Posted Date: 03/12/2018



Superintendent Update,


The following is a summary of the last regular board meeting held on 3/5/18.  If you would like further information or clarification please let me know.


  1. Call to Order
  2. Visitors
    1. Student Awards

High School awards this month were for bowling and art students.Recognition was also given to several of our transportation staff.

  1. Consensual Items were approved.
  2. Business Items
    1. The following expenses > $5,000 were approved. 

PCMI – Willsub for substitutes, $10,509.25; BXS Insurance for liability insurance, $7,711,00.

  1. Student Transfers from Conway were approved.
  2. Bus Routes

It was decided to combine the fish and horse bus routes and also the deer and rabbit routes.This was due to fewer riders on the buses, not having to employ bus drivers and more cost efficient.

  1. Road Naming

For 911 emergency call reasons it is suggested that we name two roads that run on the school campuses.The first is the road that runs behind the football field.The other is the road that runs behind the Middle School and High School Gym.It was decided to take some suggestions from the High School Student Council.It was also discussed to rename Eagle Drive located in front of the Middle School to Mayflower Eagle Drive.This was to distinguish this road form the other Eagle Roads/Streets/Avenues etc in Faulkner County.

  1. Student Security/Safety 

A discussion was held on this topic that covered a range of ideas.Some suggestions were made.The administration team is working on a list of ideas to enhance student safety.There is also a Parent/Student Safety meeting being held on 3/12/18.                      

  1. Employment

a. Resignations were approved:- Linda Riley – GT Coordinator for end of the year; Hannah McCown – Kg teacher for end of the year; Margorete Whitfield – bus driver; Michelle Kuykendall – second grade for the end of the year and Lesley Johnson – pre-school aide.


This was followed by an executive meeting to discuss employment.


b. Salary: It was approved for the Curriculum Program Administrator position to have a multiplier of 1.65. 



Have a great day,

John Gray