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October 6, 2017

Posted Date: 12/18/2017

Last Monday evening the regular monthly board meeting was conducted.  Before the meeting was the annual facilities report to the public.  This was presented and there were no public comments.   This report was adopted by the Board at the start of the meeting.  The facilities report will be send to the State for review. 



  1. Call to Order was after the facilities report at about 6:10.
  2. Visitors
    1. Student Awards

Several students and staff were recognized for their work with the RISE reading program.

  1. Storm Shelter Update

The project estimated completion date is 11/15/17.The pay request by Moser Construction for $192,857.60 was approved.There was some discussion on the drainage and the asphalt covering over the adjacent parking area.

  1. Annual Report to the Public

The Annual Report to the Public was presented and adopted by the Board.A copy of the report is being posted on the school website.

  1. Consensual Items were approved.
  2. Business Items
    1. Expenses > $5,000 were approved.

Zones Connecting Business & Tech. for 19 computers and 16 laptops, $25,151.38; Arch Ford Education Co Op for services, $63,301.23;Arkansas Department of Education for Medicaid Match, $8,406.56;Brock A/C Service for 3.5 ton 14 sear unit, $5,500.00;Hugh Burge for Storm Shelter FEMA Services $11,198.48; J.A.Riggs Tractor Co for bus repair, $6,979.99.

  1. Teacher Student Tutoring list

The teacher tutoring list was approved.

  1. Federal Program Assurances

The Statement of Assurances was approved.This document is a statement that says the school district is going to follow Federal guidelines and requirements.

  1. HVAC Thermostat Pilot Discussion

The Board agreed we should try this pilot program offered by City Smart.There will be no cost to the school district and it has the possibility of saving energy costs.These new HVAC thermostats will connect using the Internet and allow our facilities staff to control all or individual HVAC units.The cost saving would come from setting the units to save energy when the rooms are not being used.

  1. Agriculture Animal Care  Discussion

No decisions were made.The Board requested further information.The following three topics were considered.


2. Develop a plan that would include insurance for the animals and make the students/families responsible for the animals in the future. Especially those show animals located on the school grounds.

  1. Employment Resignations

a. Resignations/Employment

Employment – Angela Russell – food service - approved

Long Term Substitute – Haven Townsend - approved

b. Superintendent Evaluation

There was no discussion at this time due to a full report provided at the last meeting.

  1. Election of Board Officers

The following positions were elected: President – Benji Post, Vice President – Pat Raney, Secretary - Delorise Kocher, Primary Disbursing Officer – Delorise Kocher, Disbursing Officers – Benji Post, Pat Raney, Terry Turner, Sherilee Holland.


  1. Adjournment   at 8:07                                                                                                



John Gray