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August 10, 2017

Posted Date: 08/10/2017



Superintendent Update


Last Monday the Board met for its regular monthly meeting.  The following is a summary of the meeting.


  1. Call to Order
  2. Visitors

a. Storm Shelter Update

Randy Palculict gave an update on the elementary storm shelter.The Moser pay request was approved for $213,546.70.

  1. Consensual Items of minutes and financial report were approved.  It was noted that the bank has increased our interest rate for the district checking account from 0.64% to 1.18%.
  2. Business Items
    1. The following expenses > $5,000 were approved:

Brock A/C Service for AC, $7,077.55;Shaw Electric for HS Comp. lab wiring, $6,962.00;Renaissance Learning for software, $5,302.50;Rubicon for Atlas Software, $5,000.00; Riddell football equipment, $9,168.35; Merchants and Planter Bank of Newport for bond payment, $262,598.64;ASBA Risk Management for Insurance, $49,609.09.

  1. Student Transfers were approved:

From Conway to Mayflower:

Amy Maness – kg

Dylan Dang – 7th

Tucker Jones – age 5

Dominic Rogers – 11th age 16

From Vilonia to Mayflower:

River McKinzie – age 6

From Cabot to Mayflower:

Benjamin Gould - age 15

Thomas Gould – age 11

  1. Staff Job Assignments

The lists of staff assignments were approved and the superintendent was given approval to make changes during the year as needed.

  1. End of year financial report

Our carryover balance is $1,228,561.33.This amount is in line with what it should be.A healthy carryover balance is needed to cover the costs to get the new school year started.

  1. Pre-School Handbook Updates

Preschool handbook updates were approved.

  1. Education Improvement Plan

This year’s academic plan was approved by the Board.It includes the teaching strategies what will be utilized this year with the goal of continually improving the academic success of our students.The plan covers the professional development of the students, last year’s test schools and this year’s teacher evaluation guidelines for the District.

  1. Student Career Planning

Mr Pipkins presented some of his latest research on becoming a Career and Technical School District.The Board also approved the JobPath program by Friendship Community Care for our special education and Section 504 students.This program will enhance job transitions for these students after they leave high school.

  1. Employment Resignations

a. Resignations/Employment

Resignations were approved for Joyce Morgan, Kimi Vernon and Charlotte Troutman.

        b. Superintendent Evaluation

The Board conducted an executive session to discuss this topic.

  1. Adjournment                                                                                                    


Please let me know if you need more information on any of the above topics.




John Gray